Claims as easy as *284*89#

Insure small Small is an Insurtech company hence our customer onboarding and claims process must be driven by technology.

Our Claims process is built on an interaction between There are two Many Employers have adopted a Work From Home Concept, however Working from home can result in feelings of isolation due to social separation and changes in work demands may lead to fatigue.


Because we cant have test center's everywhere, we will expect you to pay for your test and receive a re-imbursement for the amount up to the maximum based on your policy

Cashless Pharmacy

All the pharmacies are cashless and you will be expected visit one with your Identification, fill out or be assisted to fill out a claims form. Your Claims Token is to verify that its you making the claim.

How to make a Claim?

Dial *284*89# and follow the prompts for claims.


Most of our customers buy a policy for themselves, spouses and children (family cover).

So if you have more than one policy, select the one you want to make a claim and follow the prompts.

The Claims Token is the unique identifier for your claim and must be used to access your treatment.

Its always important to test and confirm that you have either Malaria or Typhoid otherwise you may be treating another sickness or simply fatigue (as many of them share the same symptoms).


your test results will be required at the pharmacy in order for you to get medicines.

At the pharmacy you will be asked or helped  to fill out a Claims Form. Handover the test results/diagnosis . The pharmacy attendant will use your claim token to verify your identity and issue you with medicine.

As soon as the pharmacy attendant sends us your Claims form we will initiate a re-imbursement for the cost of the test – the maximum of UGX 10,000 for a Typhoid and Malaria Policy and UGX 5,000 for the Malaria only policyholder.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Under your profile, select buy for another, provide the details, make payments and they will receive a confirmation SMS.

YES – the policy design is flexible enough to accommodate groups, contact our [email protected] to get started.

YES – cover applies to full-time and Part-time employees.

We target Individuals and Groups including Employees and families.

Cover is limited to 65 years old.

NO – because malaria and typhoid affects over 10,000,000 Ugandans or 1 in 4 people, we don’t exclude anyone as long as they can afford the premium and can access the service via *284*89# and access a medical facility they can join.

The product can be purchased as a Standalone Product.

YES – Insurance is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRAU), we have received authorization from the IRAU to offer this product to the public.

Important Information

  • The Insured Person must be aged between 18 and 65 and hold a valid National ID.
  • The Insured Person must be the Policy Holder.
  • This insurance apply in Uganda only.
  • Waiting Period ( i.e. 8 days from the policy effective date) 
  • The change of policy effective date is not allowed once the policy is issued.
  • All policies can be renewed monthly.
  • Premium rate quoted is for monthly protection and offers coverage of up to 50,000UGX per month based on policy bought.
  • Once 3 Months Plan policy is issued, no premium refund including Premium Levy will be arranged for policy cancellation.
  • The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any contract between you and Farmbox Microinsurance Limited.
  • Please read the Policy Wordings for details.