Microinsurance Protection for the Forgotten Consumer

Pursuing the forgotten consumer

Since 2008

Insure Small Small has been in the works since 2008. The founder was affected by absentism of his operations staff due to malaria and sometimes typhoid.

As the cost of medical insurance was very high and no product existed to cover this category of staff.

In 2016, he decided to join the Insurance Training College to acquire a Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and better understand how insurance works. He pursued and obtained a membership to the prestigious UK – CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment) and is a qualified Financial Planner asides his LLB professional qualifications.

A combination of reforms in the insurance industry especially the introduction of Microinsurance regulations made the dream possible.

Present Days

The IRA Regulatory Sandbox has given the company an opportunity to launch out with their InsurTech Platform to serve this forgotten consumer in a scalable manner and finally disrupt the insurance industry.

Who We Are?

Insure Small Small is microinsurance protection for the forgotten consumer.

Vision: include the forgotten consumer into the protection eco-system.

Mission Statement : We are on a mission to build an inclusive protection ecosystem for the forgotten consumer with micro-insurance products and technology as an enabler.

Insure Small Small is a trading name of Farmbox Microinsurance Limited, incorporated in Uganda on 9th January 2020 with registration number 80020002302392

The Forgotten Consumer

We define a forgotten consumer as an economically active but  vulnerable member of the protection ecosystem exposed to daily risks but with options for Protection.

Bomba MED – microinsurance protection for Malaria and Typhoid.

Bomba CASH – microinsurance protection for e-wallets and Mobile Money.

Bomba WFH – microinsurance protection for mobile workspaces.

"At Insure Small Small our single most important pursuit is INNOVATION, to reach the forgotten consumer using TECHNOLOGY enabled Micro-insurance Products".
Oscar G Ofumbi ACSI

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